February 26, 2017

What is a “Fully Engaged Life”?

My interpretation of a “Fully Engaged Life” is one where we are both servicing and savoring the world to the extent we choose. This website speaks to how I’ve chosen to be of service. Fortunately for me, my “services” create experiences I “savor”, along with play.

After experiencing many processes, methods and models for life planning, the conclusion I’ve reached is living “a fully engaged life” is a good way to live…..Forever. It’s a choice!!

Currently I offer four distinct services. Each is unique unto itself.  When combined with one or more of the other offers they provide powerful, forwarding direction for both individuals and businesses.

  • Life Planning for People in Transition – especially for those that have chosen retirement or are about to retire.
  • Strategic Business Planning Facilitation – for a select group of medium sized, privately held businesses.
  • Conversations for Results These workshops are about “Promise Management”. This one concept significantly improves trust and productivity within organizations and relationships.
  • Equine Guided Coaching – These coaching sessions and workshops are for people that are “blocked” or “stuck” and want to move forward. I use other coaching processes in my work, but when people are “blocked” or “stuck” I’ve found having the horse help guide the coaching process is extremely effective.

So the question is …..How satisfied are you with your life right now?

  • Are you currently going through a major transition in your life?
  • Are you longing for more joy and satisfaction in your life?
  • Even though you’re in a transition or retired are you interested in learning more about yourself, your values, gifts and talents, and what inspires you? How can you leverage this knowledge going forward to have more joy, peace and sense of purpose?
  • Are you feeling reasonably fulfilled but sense there’s still more ahead for you? What’s in your “Bucket List”?
  • Perhaps right now you’re not quite clear about what you want and you feel “blocked” or “stuck” and held back? Is it time to break through?

What can you expect to learn from “A Fully Engaged Life” programs?

You will:

  • Re-connect to your curiosity and shift your consciousness to what’s really important in your life. In your business (and your life) you’ll clarify and focus on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference. Big rocks first!!!
  • Use your innate ability and imagination to create and enhance your experience of life…your sense of purpose. Research has confirmed that people with a sense of purpose, that are capitalizing on their gifts and talents, live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives.
  • Find your center and take a stand for what is important. Isn’t it time?
  • Clarify your choices, accept what is and refine your values and goals and values for going forward. 1st clarify and accuracy. Then intense implementation (with support).
  • Create practices that you can reference that will give you more peace and serenity as you go through your day-to-day challenges.

You can get started on your own right now:

Check out our Free Stuff for a powerful self assessment tool that will help you identify opportunities available to change your life and become fully engaged.

The free “Personal Self Assessment” is a beginning. We offer several unique ways to help you transition to living “a fully engaged life.” (see our Services) If you feel my teaching, facilitation, coaching or an equine guided learning experience can help you step through your gates and improve your quality of life… please call Larry Freeborg at 612-723-5395.

If you want to get started making your business more successful, please download “The Four Phase Strategic Planning Process”. This process has proven to be very effective in helping medium and small business succeed in the last 25 years.

Five clients have been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year within three years of working with me.

If any of this is of interest to you, please give me a call. I’d love to co-discover with you what your “fully engaged” life looks like and how we can work together to achieve it.