February 26, 2017

Who is Larry Freeborg?

After considerable reflection and soul searching the past few years I’ve come to realize that my primary contribution at this stage in my life is as a “Transition Specialist”.  I help people grow through profound life experiences and enable them to become fully engaged in their life.

I currently serve and support individuals and businesses in transition.  My primary audience are people entering into the third trimester of their life who are considering retirement, or have been retired for awhile.  I also work with individuals in their 40’s and 50’s wanting to become fully engaged in their life and maximize their living experience.

A Little History

For the last 24 years I’ve worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs helping them get their organizations (and themselves) aligned, focused, and inspired to capitalize on the opportunities they identified. I continue to offer that service to a few select clients today.

I’ve been fortunate.  Five of my clients have been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year or the Fastest Growing Minnesota Company within 3 years of working with me.  Let me be clear, they did the work. I just helped them get clear and focused on what they wanted to create and supported them in inspiring a lot of people to help them get the job done.

Initially out of college I worked for 3M Co. and Medtronic as an “intra-preneur” in various marketing / sales and leadership positions. The life and business planning skills I learned in corporate America have been very useful in guiding my business clients and solo entrepreneurs.

In 1984 I chose to leave corporate America, become a solo entrepreneur and serve clients as a strategic business planning and problem solving facilitator.

My Passion

My passion is to work with individuals in life transition and help them map out a clear path for their personal development and fulfillment.  Historically there are a lot of people just entering retirement, or have already retired and realize that it’s not everything they thought it would be.  My program “So…What’s Life Beyond Retirement for You?” is for this audience.  People who are in their 40’s and 50’s and asking “How do I maximize my life experience?” like my program “Be The Gift You Are”.

As a facilitator, transition coach and educator I’ve been extremely effective in helping my clients get clear about what they want to create in their lives and in their businesses. Clarity, combined with my client’s ability to take action has resulted in some outstanding achievements.

Getting Unstuck

While the leaders of business teams I’ve worked with have always become clearer about the action they needed to take, in some instances, they and their teams were unable to take the action necessary to succeed. They were STUCK!  or blocked.  To help my clients succeed at the highest level I began learning how to be an effective coach in addition to being a facilitator twenty years ago.

My Learning Journey

As a result of my learning journey I’ve acquired many skills that have helped my clients move through their “blocked” areas more efficiently and effectively. My curiosity and quest to learn brought me to ontological coaching taught at the Newfield Network, somatic coaching at Strozzi Institute, Equine Guided Coaching, Action Plan Marketing, Byron Katie and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to name a few.

Our Possibilities Together

If you are currently in transition and think I might be a good fit for you I’d be delighted to explore the possibilities with you.  My commitment is to help you get clear about the next steps in your life journey and provide support to help you “step through your gates.”