February 26, 2017

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Life and Business planning processes are simple, they’re just not easy.

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Inspirational Corner

This is an e-zine that features an inspirational quote and article that will provide food for thought as you live your Fully Engaged Life.

Fully Effective Life Assessment

This assessment is a very powerful tool that helps you get in touch with your current mood and critical issues. It will help you identify your “stuck” areas and where to move to have a fully effective life.

Seven Principles To Attracting More Clients

This article is especially pertinent and helpful for independent professionals who are working hard to develop or expand their practice.

Focus on Results – A Four Stage Planning Process

This planning outline / process has been designed for medium and small businesses and is intended to avoid the analysis paralysis of some planning processes. You’ll find the outline and sequence very useful in planning any new product introduction.

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