February 26, 2017

Online Resources and Assessment Tools

With the advent of the Internet we have some amazing resources at our fingertips.  You’ll find some of these below as well as some tools that will allow you to “drive”, first-hand, some of the concepts and processes you’ve been reading about here on the A Fully Engaged Life site.

Onsite Workshops (Living Centered Program) http://www.onsiteworkshops.com/
The Work of Byron Katie http://www.thework.com/
Keirsey Temperament Sorter http://www.keirsey.com
The Highlands Ability Battery Program http://www.highlandsprogram.com
The Highlands Company http://www.highlandsco.com/
Highlands Ability Battery, Life Planning http://www.career-future.com
University of Minnesota, Values Card Sort http://oca.cce.umn.edu/prototypes/cardsort/values/
University of Minnesota, Skills Card Sort http://oca.cce.umn.edu/prototypes/cardsort/skills/
Mature Market Institute http://www.metlife.com/mmi/?WT.mc_id=vu1243
Center for Spirituality & Healing www.csh.umn.edu
AARP www.aarp.org