February 26, 2017

Equine Guided Coaching – USA

As a lifelong horsewoman and psychotherapist, Melisa began developing her Equine Gestalt Coaching Method(TM) while working with clients for private sessions and retreats in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1989.

Through her therapeutic Gestalt work with clients on her ranch, Melisa discovered people became more grounded, centered, confident and secure when working with horses using her methods. Redesigning her own life, Melisa and family moved from Arizona to Colorado where she established her parent company Touched by a Horse Inc. through which she offers her coaching for individuals, groups and business owners.

Selected as one of 10 horsewomen to be a contributing author for the book Horse as Teacher, Melisa wrote about her pathway to authenticity through her horses. In 2009, this was followed by her own award winning book Eponalisa. She was chosen as one of the top 50 horsewomen in the US for her seminal work.

In 2008, Melisa felt guided to launch her Touched by a Horse Certification Program for those who desire to study with one of the founders of this sector of the Equine Industry.

  • Susan Motzko (http://www.executive-results.com)

    Susan Motzko, the firm’s leader, holds unique coaching and training expertise developed from more than 20 years’ experience in the health care          and financial services industries blended with long-time study of human development, behavior, and culture.

    Susan is a lifelong horsewoman and a contributing author of ‘Games People Play…With Horses’, a guide for planning and executing effective                learning through interaction with equines. She received her Ontological Coaching certification through The Newfield Network in Boulder,                     Colorado.