February 26, 2017

Strategic Business Planning Facilitation

Early in my career, I made a declaration. I declared that from now on my career path would be to creatively capitalize on my natural gift and talents wherever they would take me.

After 6 months of reflection and pondering I found my gift the first time by looking at the things I enjoyed and was having fun doing. When I did these things it really didn’t seem like work.  I would stay up late at night, working above and beyond the call of duty, working beyond what was called for in my job, but I did it because it was fun and I was good at it.  I had discovered I was good at coordinating people to put on events.

Five years later I discovered another gift accidently while in a course called “Meeting Management Skills”. As it turned out it actually was a way to creatively solve problems using group input.  In the course I learned how to use “the wisdom of the group” to come up with eloquent solutions to difficult, challenging problems.  During the course I also discovered that I was quite good at facilitating the problem solving session and generating ideas….in fact, it appeared that I understood the process 3-4X faster than the other people taking the course.  It remains true when I compare my facilitation with most people I’ve seen facilitating problem solving meetings.  I had found another gift!

Knowing the creative problem solving process I saw an opportunity to integrate the process into facilitating Strategic Planning sessions for privately owned businesses. My role is to help business owners get their team aligned and focused on the key things they need to get done to achieve the business success they desire (the 20% that makes 80% of the difference).  The key result of one of these facilitated meetings is an inspired group of leaders clear about their priorities, focused and inspired to take action. And the next step of the plan is for them to intensely implement their plan to create the results they desire.  Sound familiar?

So, from my perspective, the secret to a happy and fulfilling life is to 1) do the thing(s) you love to do where you think 3-4X faster than the people that are next to you (work in your “gifted” area), 2) be creative in your “gifted” area and 3) third, and extremely important, implement your creations.  My gift is facilitating strategic business planning meetings that get results.

If you think my gift of facilitation can help you solve a challenging business problem or capitalize on a new opportunity you have, please call me at 612-723-5395 or contact me by writing an e-mail to me at larry@steppingthroughthegate.com.   I look forward to hearing from you.

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