February 26, 2017

Who We Serve

We serve individuals and businesses in transition by helping them open up gates that have held them back from fulfilling their aspirations, dreams and living fully engaged lives.

“As I’ve walked through my journey of life I’ve observed that people living with meaning and purpose are happier, more fulfilled, and live longer than those that are adrift.”

~ Larry Freeborg

Have you just retired and been wondering, what’s next?

Perhaps you’ve been retired for several years and you feel you’ve lost your sense of purpose, your reason for being.  You’re not alone.  A lot of retirees are not feeling as fulfilled as they thought they would be and unfortunately they don’t have a process to determine how to find the sense of fulfillment and well-being they long for.

You could be yearning for the feeling of being useful and appreciated but you don’t want to give up the freedom of not having to go to work. Some of you wish you could have your life back with a successful business?  Others wish they could find something that fully utilizes their talent and fills their soul.

Perhaps overall you’re pleased with your progress in life, but you’re currently struggling to realize some of the opportunities you see? Are you frustrated because you know what you want but you can’t seem to move past the “blocked” or “stuck” areas? Many of us have the gifts and talents to achieve our dreams but our belief systems are holding us back.

You may be feeling lost or confused because you’ve just experienced a major “hit” in your life. Job loss? Business sold or merged? Business downsized? Lost relationship? Death in the family?

People In Transition

At “A Fully Engaged Life” we focus on helping people move through their challenging transitions through workshops and coaching.  We are particularly adept at helping people fully engage in the third stage of their life. Other areas we help people move through are:

  • Profound life experiences like loss of a job, death in the family, broken relationship, loss of a dream, retirement.
  • Learn about forgiveness (of self and others), letting go and moving on


Results our clients in transition have experienced and reported:

  • They are pursuing and fulfilling life dreams they thought were out of reach
  • They’ve refocused and clarified their “Bucket List”
  • They are pursuing activities that feed their soul – where their talents, passions and values are aligned
  • Their quality of life has improved
  • They’re extending their life by being clear about their purpose
  • They are proceeding with clear direction resulting in more fulfillment and success
  • They are accelerating through both identified and unidentified blocks and barriers
  • They are experiencing improved relationships with their spouse and children as a result of the principles learned


Businesses in Transition

At “A Fully Engaged Life” we help business owners and employees move effectively and efficiently through mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, right sizing using facilitation, teachings and coaching.

Through our work they:

  • Gain clarity and focus to move their business forward given the major change they and their employees have just experience
  • Establish trust in a promise management culture with clear accountabilities.
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with clear roles, clear requests and accountabilities.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with broken promises and move forward.

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