February 26, 2017

Businesses in Transition

Mergers and acquisitions!  Downsizing!  Rightsizing! Re-engineering! All moves that can cause trauma in the workplace with employees.

Perhaps you see opportunities that you’d like to capitalize on but you’re frustrated attempting to pull the leadership team together and make things happen?

Through our processes and facilitated problem solving sessions your leadership team and employees will:

  • Gain clarity and focus to move your business forward.
  • Re-establish trust in a promise management culture where there are clear accountibilities.
  • Clarify roles, make clear requests, make and manage promises more effectively.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with broken promises and improve productivity.

If you’re a leader that can make decisions and hold people accountable to deliver what they promise this process may be for you.

Five clients have been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year within three years of working with me.

Results my clients in transition have experienced and reported:

  • This is a process of progress, not perfection.
  • 1st Clarity and Accuracy – Then intense implementation
  • We are accountable and responsible for what we create in our lives
  • We are always at choice

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