February 26, 2017

People In Transition

We help people and companies fully experience life by opening up gates that have blocked them from fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

We focus on helping three groups of people:

  • People who have recently retired, or are rapidly approaching retirement.
  • People who are moving through a major event in their life.
    – Loss of a job
    – Loss of a client
    – Loss of a loved one
    – Death in the family
  • People who have reached a plateau in their life and want to move on.

Have you just retired and been wondering, what’s next?

People retiring today can very possibly live another 20 to 30 years.  Are you interested in making the best of it, and in doing so very possibly extend your life while you’re more happy and fulfilled?  At “A Fully Engaged Life” we focus on helping people move through their challenging transitions.  We are particularly adept at helping people shift their view of retirement and become fully engaged in the third stage of their life.

Perhaps you’ve been retired for several years and you feel you’ve lost your sense of purpose, your reason for being.  You’re not alone.  A lot of retirees are not feeling as fulfilled as they thought but they don’t have a process for determining how to find the sense of fulfillment and well-being they long for.

You could be yearning for some feeling of being useful and appreciated but you don’t want to give up the freedom of not having to go to work. Some of you wish you could have your life back with a successful business.  Others wish they could find something that fully utilizes their talent and fills their soul.

You’re pleased with life, but currently struggling to realize some of the opportunities you see.

Our program can help you find and focus on your life purpose. Recent research confirms if you’re living a life with purpose and meaning you’ll extend your life and be happier than most.


Are you frustrated because you know what you want but you can’t seem to move past the “blocked” or “stuck” areas?

You’re not alone. Many of us have the gifts and talents to achieve our dreams but our belief systems are holding us back.

You’re feeling lost or confused because you’ve just experienced a major “hit” in your life?

Job loss? Death in the family? Lost or broken relationship? Business you were working in got sold or merged? Your business was downsized?

There is life at the other end of the tunnel. We help you move through your situation faster and you end up with even more clarity, optimism and energy regarding what’s next in your life than you had before.

Check out our Free Stuff for life and business planning that will help identify opportunities to improve your life. And, please take a look at one of my workshops on Life Beyond Retirement, that may be just the right next step for you to take.

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